A Jury's Perspective

Course Description:

It is almost certain that physicians and providers will be involved in a lawsuit at some point in their careers, which may tempt some to practice defensive medicine. As an alternative, this program offers protective practices derived from jury feedback. Presented by an experienced trial attorney discussing actual malpractice trials with a focus on jury science. Good and bad practices and behaviors of the entire team will be explored.


  1. Identify juror expectations regarding practitioners’ practices and behaviors.
  2. Describe strategies to improve physician-patient relationships after an adverse outcome.
  3. Develop protective practices to reduce risk.
  4. Recognize how applying jury science can correlate to better patient care.

Speaker: Wendy L. Longmire, JD

The program is presented by Wendy L. Longmire, JD, a partner in the Ortale Kelley Law Firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Ms. Longmire is an experienced litigator and handles lawsuits involving medical malpractice, professional negligence, as well as contract disputes, products liability, and employment litigation. Ms. Longmire routinely presents seminars involving litigation, including medical malpractice and personal injury. Ms. Longmire stays active in the legal community. She is a Rule 31 listed General Civil Mediator and is Second Vice President on the Board of the Nashville Bar Association. In her free time, she volunteers with Legal Aid of Nashville ensuring individuals obtain equal access to justice.

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