Claims Management

Nearly 90% of SVMIC-insured physicians will face a claim at some point in their career. Over the last four decades, SVMIC has handled over 117,000 claims, incidents, and lawsuits. This breadth of experience is invaluable in helping to defend your professional reputation. SVMIC has a well-honed claims management process in which each claim is managed by one of our in-house claims attorneys.

Successful Outcomes

SVMIC's primary objective is the protection of your reputation.  The company is one of the most efficient in the industry, allowing 85 cents of every dollar to go toward the defense and resolution of claims.  The extensive experience of SVMIC Claims Attorneys and defense counsel, combined with the company's philosophy of aggressively defending unmerited claims, has produced an impressive track record. Since the company's inception, plaintiffs have won judgments in well less than 1% of the lawsuits filed against our policyholders.

A True Team of Medical and Defense Experts

The moment your claim is reported, SVMIC immediately engages a team to facilitate the best possible outcome and resolution.  Because SVMIC utilizes in-house attorneys to manage claims, policyholders always have two attorneys working to protect their interests.  For 40 years, SVMIC has worked with the premier medical malpractice defense attorneys across the Southeastern United States.  SVMIC utilizes an internal physician review process which ensures objective evaluation of the medical care and assists in developing your defense strategy.  SVMIC provides defense counsel with access to the top expert witnesses who can effectively address the specific issues of a case.