It's a Small, Square World

Course Description

In discussing patient care and the associated risk issues, most people tend to think only about the hands-on care directly provided by the physician or provider. While the expert services of a physician and other providers are certainly the focal point of a patient’s experience, the patient’s perception of the care they receive encompasses much more than the time spent with a physician. Patients judge their medical care by the total experience of the office visit including the interaction with staff and the behind the scenes tasks performed by employees they will often never meet.

In an environment where everyone is interdependent on one another, the care the patient receives will be no better than the lowest level of service delivered by each individual member of the team. Not only do physicians, providers, nurses, medical assistants and office staff work together to deliver medical care but they also provide a safety net to one another as well as the patient. When one realizes how reliant he or she is on coworkers and how much goes on within the four walls of an office, one quickly realizes it is a small, square world.

The seminar will focus on common office errors including medication and prescription safety, tracking, confidentiality and customer service. The seminar also features a light hearted look at working with others in an office setting reminding us how our actions impact one another. This is an interactive and entertaining workshop in which video vignettes specific to the medical office setting will be discussed and analyzed.



At the conclusion of this program, attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify risk issues common in physician office practices;
  2. Implement risk reduction strategies to address common risk issues; and
  3. Recognize the interdependency among medical office personnel and the individual’s impact on patient care.

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