Preparing the Physician for Deposition and Trial in Kentucky

Course Description:

The practice of medicine includes the constant threat of medical malpractice litigation and, unfortunately, most physicians will be sued at least once during their career.  The 2013 General Risk Management Seminar for physicians will continue the litigation theme of last year's program but this year's focus will be on the deposition and trial portions of the litigation experience, with particular emphasis on the deposition of the physician defendant.  Because the majority of medical malpractice actions are concluded prior to trial, the deposition is often the best opportunity to influence the ultimate outcome of the case.

This seminar will be presented in a Question and Answer format with a physician moderator and an experienced malpractice defense attorney.  "Good" and "Bad" video examples will be used to demonstrate the importance of working closely with your attorney to prepare for deposition and trail.  It is not just the content of your answers that is important, but it is how you say it and how you look, act and carry yourself during the questioning.  Thorough and careful preparation can be the difference between a good or bad deposition, between settling or going to trial, between winning and losing.  You will learn the different types of questions you can expect to be asked and how to best respond to those questions.  Seminar attendees will also see videotaped interviews with physician colleagues sharing their personal experiences with the litigation process.


Upon completion of this program, attendees should be able to:

  1. List ways in which the physician can act as their own advocate and take an active role in their own defense;
  2. Discuss the critical importance of depositions and trial to the successful resolution of any medical malpractice case, and why thorough preparation is essential; and
  3. Outline the different types of questions the physician can expect to be asked during deposition and trial and how to best respond to those questions.


Physician Moderator: Paul C. McNabb ll, MD – SVMIC Board of Directors, Chair – Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease – Nashville, TN

Attorney: E. Frederick Straub, Jr., JD – Whitlow, Roberts, Houston & Straub – Paducah, KY


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