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Your Practice Made Perfect


Your Practice Made Perfect is a free podcast series where industry professionals discuss current issues and provide advice for today's practicing medical professionals. Our discussions cover everything from medical legislature to inspiring stories about addiction recovery. You won't want to miss an episode.

Episode Archive: Clinical

Episode 087: HR Issues: Doing Your Homework
Jan 24, 2020

Attorneys Scott Hickman and J. Baugh discuss common HR issues that come up in practices, including the importance of enlisting a professional on the front end with compliance questions, and essential elements to include in a personnel manual.

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Episode 086: Destroying Physician Burnout
Jan 10, 2020

Dr. Betty-Ann Svendsen shares her own personal experience surrounding physician burnout with J. Baugh, including its very real impact on her personal life. Svendsen shares how she was able to destroy burnout by making herself a priority and putting more focus on work-life balance.

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Episode 084: Quality Testing
Dec 06, 2019

Anne Pontius joins J. Baugh to discuss operating an in-office laboratory. Anne weighs out the pros and cons of doing your own testing in-house versus using a commercial laboratory.

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Episode 080: When Healthcare Goes Virtual
Oct 25, 2019

Dr. Richard Moses sits down with host Brian Fortenberry to discuss telemedicine and telehealth, the legalities of practicing across state lines, and how to go about doing so if you wish to work in multiple states.

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Episode 075: Out of Breath and Time
Sep 06, 2019

Editor and founder of, Eric Funk, returns with Brian Fortenberry to review a malpractice case of a 31-year-old male who couldn’t receive a CT scan for physical reasons and got a misdiagnosis of bronchitis that resulted in a tragic outcome.

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Episode 065: With Great Power Comes Professional Responsibility
Jun 14, 2019

Dr. Scott Fowler and Brian Fortenberry examine the personal topic of professionalism in the medical industry, and a doctor’s covenant with society. Dr. Fowler explains how the practice of medicine is not a business but a calling.

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Episode 063: Addiction, Abuse, and Misuse
May 31, 2019

Dr. Rett Blake joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss the many angles of the opioid crisis. Dr. Blake explains abuse vs. misuse, the symptoms of addiction, the reason people are overdosing and how to prevent it.

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Episode 058: It’s All About Attitude
Apr 12, 2019

Dr. Rebekah Bernard rejoins the podcast to continue discussing her book The Rock Star Doctors Guide: Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Life. She discusses the three A’s of patient care, as well as some key points from the book on how to be a rockstar physician for your patients.

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Episode 057: Mental Health for Health Experts
Apr 05, 2019

Dr. Rebekah Bernard, who literally wrote the book on physician burnout, joins host Brian Fortenberry to discuss a few key points from her book, "The Rock Star Doctors Guide: Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Life".

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Episode 051: Keeping Calm in the Courtroom
Feb 15, 2019

Dr. Jill Huntley-Taylor and Brian Fortenberry break down the process of preparing medical professionals for trial and eliminating surprises while going through the process. Huntley-Taylor discusses how to gather information, what jurors expect from the medical professional, and what kind of attitude to bring into the courtroom.

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Episode 050: Prescribing Opioids During an Epidemic
Feb 08, 2019

Dr. Greg Mancini joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss opioids and narcotics and what could have caused the crisis. Mancini discusses the complications and side effects of the drug, as well as alternatives the medical community could utilize to control the issue without compromising patient care.

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Episode 046: Avoiding the Crash and Burn
Jan 04, 2019

Dr. Dike Drummond of The Happy MD speaks with Brian Fortenberry about physician burnout. Understanding burnout is not that simple, and Dr. Drummond helps doctors navigate circumstances that can lead to this state. He shares some practical tips on prevention and how to get out of the rut.

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Episode 044: A Hard Pill to Swallow
Dec 07, 2018

Along with host Brian Fortenberry, Dr. Stephen Loyd discusses his intimate struggle with opioid addiction. For three years, Dr. Loyd was addicted to painkillers while working as a physician. In one hand, he had everything anyone would want in life. In the other, a handful of pills. He discusses how finding the Tennessee Medical Foundation helped get him out of addiction.

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Episode 041: Controlling Controlled Substances
Nov 09, 2018

Brian Fortenberry and Dr. Walter Fitzgerald discuss opioids, prescriptions, and all issues that come with it. Dr. Fitzgerald brings his experience as both an attorney and a pharmacist to the discussion, covering everything from new laws regarding prescriptions to safely disposing of extra pills.

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Episode 040: Closing the Gap
Nov 02, 2018

Michael Burcham, CEO of Narus Health, talks with Brian Fortenberry about care management. Michael discusses finding the gaps between payer, physician, patient, and hospital, improving those gaps, and giving stakeholders a better experience. He also discusses changing the experience that people have, so that instead of healthcare happening to them, it works for them.

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Episode 037: One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Oct 12, 2018

Surgeon Dr. Bruce Ramshaw and Brian Fortenberry discuss problems in healthcare and how new models for healthcare based on systems and data science could be applied. Dr. Ramshaw’s goal is to learn the real structural reasons that the global healthcare system is failing and what can be done to fix it.

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Episode 033: Pain Points
Sep 14, 2018

Brian Fortenberry talks to Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool, Director of Comprehensive Pain Services at University of Tennessee Medical Center and Medical Director of the University Center for Pain Management. They discuss targeted pain treatment options and how pain is a symptom of an underlying condition.

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Episode 029: The Hypertension is Rising
Aug 17, 2018

Join host Brian Fortenberry and Dr. Elise Schriver as they talk about pulmonary hypertension, its five clinical classes, and how it is being reported more and more on echocardiograms and CT scans. Dr. Schriver is the Associate Clinical Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and the Director of the UT Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic in Knoxville.

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Episode 025: Navigating Care to Comfort
Jul 20, 2018

When treating someone at the end of their life, a doctor has more to consider than curing or healing a patient. General Internist, Dr. Daniel Ely, chats with Brian Fortenberry about what goes into palliative care, advanced care planning, and comfort at the end of life.

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Episode 023: Treatment Pains
Jul 06, 2018

Host Brian Fortenberry chats with Pain Medicine Physician, Dr. Rhett Blake about the newer guidelines that relate to doctors providing pain treatment. Together, they cover the nationwide Opioid epidemic, where it’s rampant, and what’s been done at the national and local level.

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Episode 022: Talk it Out
Jun 29, 2018

Host Brian Fortenberry and experienced claims attorney and risk reduction expert, Shelly Weatherly, talk about how to stay out of legal hot water amidst the stress and responsibility of patient care combined with the possibility of a lawsuit. Hear how clear communication and investing in the doctor-patient relationship can make all the difference.

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Episode 011: No Pain Is The Game
Apr 13, 2018

In this week’s episode, we look at developments with pain management and pain medication with a specialist and medical expert. Dr. Blake discusses the Opioid epidemic as a national crisis, better and more appropriate treatments, and how physicians should approach patients struggling with pain.

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Episode 004: Confessions of a Recovering Addict
Feb 01, 2018

In this powerful episode, Dr. Bob shares his personal story with Brian. Dr. Bob has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions since his early youth all the way through medical school and well into his practice.

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Episode 003: The Ins and Outs of Malpractice Policies
Feb 01, 2018

Brian Fortenberry interviews Charmy Shrode, VP of Underwriting at SVMIC. Ms. Shrode explains the key differences between traditional insurance policies and malpractice insurance, the legal differences from state-to-state, and why medical professionals should prepare for the worse.

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