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Tagline Posters

All practices were required to post the translated Taglines Poster both in their practices and on their practice websites by October 16, 2016.  Additionally, the Taglines are required to appear in hardcopy printed materials as the current stock is exhausted.

The poster contains the following English tagline translated into the Top 15 languages for your state:

If you speak {English}, language assistance services, free of charge, are available to you.

Each practice must establish a relationship with a language assistance provider before downloading the poster.  Once you have that relationship, download the correct PDF for the state(s) in which you practice.  Simply download the PDF File to your computer, open it and fill in the required information.  Then print the poster in 11x17 format and post in your practice.  You can save the PDF to post on your website.

SVMIC has already gone to the expense of having the tagline translated into the required languages for each state in which we write insurance.  This has been done by a professional translation service and verified.

For assistance, policyholders can contact SVMIC by email at or by calling Medical Practice Services at 800.342.2239.

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