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Your Coverage & SVMIC's Response

SVMIC’s mission is to protect, support, and advocate for physicians and advanced practice professionals so that they can provide the best possible patient care. The need for that care is particularly urgent right now.  Our team is ready to assist you through the risks and uncertainties we face today and in the days ahead.

Please listen to our podcast on COVID-19 and our response.  

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Suspending Planned Rate Increases

SVMIC succeeds when its policyholders are successful, and its policyholders are feeling remarkable pressure right now. So, in an unprecedented move, SVMIC’s Board of Directors decided to suspend all planned rate increases.

Waiving Self-Study Risk Management Course Fees

We are also waiving all fees for online and booklet risk management courses from March 24, 2020 through December 31, 2020.  Please visit to register for a course.  NOTE:  We have an Intro to Telemedicine course that may be of particular interest during this time.

New Part-Time Discounts

New discounts are available for practices whose patient loads have been reduced as a result of the current situation.  Please contact your Underwriter to discuss your specific practice as discount availability varies widely by state and circumstance.  We can be reached at 800.342.2239 or

Payment Flexibility

Your Underwriter can also work with you to find a flexible payment solution to help ease the cash flow burden of the COVID-19 crisis.  These terms will be extended until June 1, 2020.  We can be reached at 800.342.2239 or

Answering your Questions

Though the majority of our staff is working remotely, we are all available to answer your questions.  Our staff of risk management, claims, underwriting, practice management, and other experts are here for you.  We can help you through this challenge in a variety of ways, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Q:  Am I covered to provide telemedicine services? 

A:  Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the need for our policyholders to start rendering medical professional services through telemedicine has dramatically increased. As much of our region is under States of Emergency, there are no changes necessary for adding telemedicine to your policy at this time under the following circumstances,

  1. You are practicing within the scope of your licensure;
  2. You are following the telemedicine guidelines, if any, of your state medical board;
  3. Providing care to an established patient; and
  4. Establishing a relationship with a new patient who resides within the state in which coverage has already been agreed upon by SVMIC.*

 *To provide telemedicine to new patients outside your SVMIC coverage area, contact the Underwriting Department.

Q:  I have retired from practice, but I am considering returning to practice to assist with the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.  How do I get malpractice insurance coverage for this?

A:  Physicians who have retired and wish to re-enter the workforce to assist with the COVID-19 crisis are welcome to contact SVMIC to discuss coverage needs and submit application to do so.  Retired physicians who currently carry a Volunteer Policy with SVMIC may be covered to extend services under their volunteer policy provided the services are general medical services only on a voluntary basis for no remuneration.   We encourage physicians to contact our office should they need to review/confirm which volunteer services are covered under their existing Volunteer Policy or if they wish to seek a new policy.  All applications or requests for additional coverage are subject to review and approval.

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