Board of Directors

Hugh Francis, III, MD

Chair of the Board
General & Vascular Surgery, Memphis Surgery Associates PC, Memphis, TN
Director since 1997, Chair since 2015

John O. Lytle, MD

Vice Chair of the Board
Orthopedic Surgery, Pine Bluff, AR
Director Since 2006, Vice Chair Since 2015

Katrina M. Hood, MD

Secretary of SVMIC
Pediatrics, Pediatric & Adolescent Associates PSC, Lexington, KY
Director Since 2009

Matthew L. Perkins, MD

Treasurer of SVMIC
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Tennessee Medicine & Pediatrics PC, Smyrna, TN
Director Since 2008

Robert J. Berkompas, MD

Internal Medicine, Chief Medical Officer - Alive Hospice, Nashville, TN
Director Since 2010

Chad T. Couch, MD

Urology, Chief Medical Officer - Bristol Regional Medical Center, Bristol, TN
Director Since 2008

Wayne A. Hudec, MD

General Surgery, Ozark Surgical Associates, Fayetteville, AR
Director Since 2009

William I. Mariencheck, Jr., MD

Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, The Jackson Clinic, Jackson, TN
Director Since 2012

Raymond S. Martin, III, MD

General & Vascular Surgery, The Surgical Clinic PLLC, Nashville, TN
Director Since 1994

Michael A. McAdoo, MD

Family Medicine, Milan Medical Center PC, Milan, TN
Director Since 2002

Paul C. McNabb, II, MD

Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease, St Thomas Midtown Hospital, Nashville, TN
Director Since 1996

Russell E. Miller, CAE

Chief Executive Officer, Tennessee Medical Association, Nashville, TN
Director Since 2013

John H. Mize, FCAS, MAAA

President and Chief Executive Officer of SVMIC, Brentwood, TN
Director Since 2013

Elise E. Schriver, MD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, University Pulmonary & Critical Care, Knoxville, TN
Director Since 2002

Jane M. Sneed, MD

Pediatrics, The Children’s Clinic, Jonesboro, AR
Director Since 2013

Lisa J. Young, MD

Invasive Cardiology, The Sutherland Clinic Inc. Germantown, TN
Director Since 2013

Melanie B. Blake, MD, MBA

Internal Medicine, Chief of Medicine - Erlanger Health System, Chattanooga, TN
Director Since 2018