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Confessions of a Recovering Addict

Feb. 01, 2018  In this powerful episode, Dr. Bob shares his personal story with Brian. Dr. Bob has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions since his early youth all the way through medical school and well into his practice.

The Ins and Outs of Malpractice Policies

Feb. 01, 2018  Brian Fortenberry interviews Charmy Shrode, VP of Underwriting at SVMIC. Ms. Shrode explains the key differences between traditional insurance policies and malpractice insurance, the legal differences from state-to-state, and why medical professionals should prepare for the worse.

The Balancing Act of Work and Life

Feb. 01, 2018  In this episode, Brian Fortenberry chats with Dr. Bob Berkompas. As a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Berkompas shares how he balances a hectic work life with three children, medical committees, professional associations, and being active in his church, all while still keeping his promise to his family.

The Case of the Cancelled Appointment

Feb. 01, 2018  Brian Fortenberry details the Henry Jackson case and discusses with Claims Attorney, J. Baugh. Together, they review Mr. Jackson’s sinus issues and the mishandling of his care through a faulty appointment tracking system with his ENT.