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Your Practice Made Perfect is a free podcast series where industry professionals discuss current issues and provide advice for today's practicing medical professionals. Our discussions cover everything from medical legislature to inspiring stories about addiction recovery. You won't want to miss an episode.

Episode Archive: Closed Claims

Episode 076: Back to the Heart of the Matter
Sep 13, 2019

Brian Fortenberry sits down with J. Baugh and Katy Smith again to review a case of a 73-year-old with increasing back pain and a history of heart issues who wasn’t notified in time to catch a fatal heart attack.

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Episode 071: The Case of the Right Knee
Aug 02, 2019

J. Baugh and Katy Smith, Senior Claims Attorneys at SVMIC, sit down with Brian Fortenberry to review a malpractice case where a patient had the wrong knee operated on to repair a meniscus tear. They discuss the immediate discovery and the events that followed as a result of a wrong-site surgery.

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Episode 070: Failure to Follow Up
Jul 26, 2019

Attorney John Ryman takes Brian Fortenberry through a closed claim case of a 72-year-old male who died two years after a primary care visit. When it was discovered that the doctor failed to follow up on a recommended CT evaluation, the patient’s estate filed a lawsuit.

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Episode 066: Microperforations, Macro Problems
Jun 21, 2019

Katy Smith and J. Baugh join Brian Fortenberry this week to look at a closed claim case involving a 42-year-old John Doe with a 4+ year history of acute diverticulitis. The two discuss the patient’s trip to the ER and how a CT misreading led to the patient’s untimely death.

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Episode 062: When Small Concerns Become Big Problems
May 17, 2019

What started as a routine visit for diabetic medication turned into a case of gangrene and a lawsuit. In this closed claim case, Brian Fortenberry, Katy Smith, and J. Baugh remind us that communication and documentation are two of the most important tools for both physicians and patients.

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Episode 059: A Recipe for Disaster
Apr 26, 2019

Katy Smith joins J. Baugh for another closed claim case. The two discuss a practice known in the industry as “cookbook medicine” and how this practice led to a patient’s death and a lawsuit.

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Episode 052: The Dangers of Miscommunication
Mar 01, 2019

Brian Fortenberry explores the closed claim case of a patient who, through miscommunication on various levels, died from a dosage error. Licensed CPA and attorney J. Baugh joins to discuss where the fault may lie and how to avoid issues like this in the future.

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Episode 047: The Case of Good Medicine, Management, and Documentation
Jan 11, 2019

In this closed claim case, a woman with a family history of breast cancer was closely monitored for 6 years. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the patient filed a lawsuit against her general surgeon. She alleged that her cancer should have been diagnosed at least eight months sooner. Learn how, in this case, it proves that even if all the right steps are taken, one is never immune to a lawsuit.

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Episode 042: The Case of Late Expectations
Nov 16, 2018

When pregnant Megan was admitted to the hospital with pain at 32 weeks, the staff failed to recognize fetal distress. This resulted in a C-section performed three hours too late and the infant suffering from severe neurological damage. Brian Fortenberry and attorney Alisa Wamble discuss this closed claim case and how tunnel vision created this sad situation.

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Episode 039: From Witness to Defendant
Oct 26, 2018

Dan Himmelberg, SVMIC Assistant Vice President of Claims, and Brian Fortenberry discuss a closed claim in which a patient suffered an aneurysm after having an appendectomy. The patient's surgeon, who had been an expert witness in other cases, was taken to court himself, where he defended his care of the patient during over 8 years of legal proceedings.

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Episode 038: Doing It Right and Getting It Wrong
Oct 19, 2018

In this closed claim review, a hike up a steep ravine sent William to the hospital with a “weird feeling” in his back. After his symptoms subsided and he was discharged, he passed away of an aortic dissection. Host Brian Fortenberry and SVMIC attorney Judy Reneau discuss the doctor’s defense and how William's symptoms did not lead to the underlying problem.

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Episode 035: Fear Factor
Sep 28, 2018

Host Brian Fortenberry and attorney Jamie Wyatt discuss a closed claim case in which everyone in an operating room, except for the surgeon, was sued due to the complications experienced by the patient post-surgery. They explore this "no talking policy" implemented by the surgeon, and how it created a hostile work environment and a very adverse outcome.

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Episode 034: The Impact of Preconceived Notions
Sep 21, 2018

Attorney Tim Behan and Brian Fortenberry discuss how the depersonalization and dissociation from a well-known patient can help provide more effective treatment. In this closed claim review, a 40-year-old woman with drug-seeking behavior is left with neurological damage due to assumptions made about her condition.

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Episode 031: The Case of the Black Box Warning
Aug 31, 2018

In this closed claim case, attorney Stephanie Deupree and host Brian Fortenberry examine a very tragic outcome that began with a man's fall from a six-foot ladder while trying to complete a home improvement project. A medication unfamiliar to the physicians prescribed for pain relief resulted in the man's death.

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Episode 028: Don’t Leave the Rest Unwritten
Aug 10, 2018

In this closed claim review, Ken Rucker, Vice President of Claims for SVMIC, and host Brian Fortenberry discuss how easy it is to let the daily workload negatively impact the quality of medical documentation. Details forgotten can be hard to defend, especially when Dr. Andrew’s early discharge led to a patient's death one week later.

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Episode 026: Care Off the Record
Jul 27, 2018

Brian Fortenberry details and discusses a closed claim case with Claims Attorney, Zynthia Howse. Together, they review the fallout from a female infant’s routine “Well Baby” visit after the care providers failed to administer a vaccination and did not accurately document it in the medical charts.

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Episode 021: The Case of Cascading Conditions
Jun 22, 2018

This week, we review a closed case against a doctor who failed to give a timely diagnosis and treat Mary’s retroperitoneal hemorrhage following a cardiac catheterization. This led to a series of unfortunate medical complications. Senior Claims Attorney Tim Rector talks about this complicated case with Brian Fortenberry.

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Episode 016: The Case of Nothing Noted
May 18, 2018

SVMIC Claims Attorney, J. Baugh discusses Eliza James’ malpractice case with Brian Fortenberry. Baugh thoroughly reviews the complete lack of continuity of care, including the multiple mistakes made by her providers, errors with her medical charts and labs, and overall poor communication with the staff which ultimately led to her death.

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Episode 013: The Case of Reduction Results
Apr 27, 2018

This week, we review a closed claim case involving 18-year-old Samantha Smith who suffered complications from a breast reduction surgery. SVMIC Vice President of Claims, Ken Rucker, walks us through the ins-and-outs of Samantha's multiple procedures and the resulting deformities from infection.

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Episode 010: The Case of Time Ticking Away
Apr 06, 2018

Host Brian Fortenberry chats with SVMIC attorney Katy Smith about the closed claim where a toddler receives treatment due to a tick bite. Together, they review the communication issues between physicians, the lack of continuity in care, and the misdiagnosis that led to the patient dying from a related infection.

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Episode 009: The Case of Running Back Rundown
Mar 30, 2018

In this week’s episode, host Brian Fortenberry interviews former nurse and current malpractice attorney, Stephanie Deupree about a closed claim case. Ms. Deupree details the medical treatment and experience of a 16 year old football player who had their leg amputated after a severe injury on the field.

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Episode 008: Blame Boomerangs Back
Mar 23, 2018

Brian Fortenberry chats with SVMIC Attorney Jim Howell about another Closed Claim Case. They discuss the liabilities and the details of a bowel perforation that was initially missed in the doctor-ordered CT scans and led to the patient’s death.

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Episode 001: The Case of the Cancelled Appointment
Feb 01, 2018

Brian Fortenberry details the Henry Jackson case and discusses with Claims Attorney, J. Baugh. Together, they review Mr. Jackson’s sinus issues and the mishandling of his care through a faulty appointment tracking system with his ENT.

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