Your Practice Made Perfect

This podcast series provides support, protection, and advice for today’s medical professionals. Brought to you by SVMIC, a mutual insurance company that is 100% owned and governed by our policyholders.

Episode 069: Checks and Balances and Embezzlement

Jul. 19, 2019  On this episode, Laura Watkins observes the frightening topic of embezzlement and how it might be more common than you think. Watkins walks you through what embezzlement looks like and steps to take to ensure that your practice doesn’t fall victim.

Episode 068: Burning at Both Ends of the Candle

Jul. 12, 2019  Dr. Sasha Shillcutt has a candid conversation with Brian about her accomplished career in medicine and how she manages the workload. Through building support systems and research, she has been able to show other women physicians how to avoid the all-too-common burnout.

Episode 067: Putting Disaster Plans In Place

Jun. 28, 2019  Rana McSpadden and Brian Fortenberry talk about the various ways to prepare your practice for everything from tornadoes to cyber attacks. McSpadden explains the use of reverse planning to figure out your goals and the even bigger disaster of putting off the planning process.

Episode 066: Microperforations, Macro Problems

Jun. 21, 2019  Katy Smith and J. Baugh join Brian Fortenberry this week to look at a closed claim case involving a 42-year-old John Doe with a 4+ year history of acute diverticulitis. The two discuss the patient’s trip to the ER and how a CT misreading led to the patient’s untimely death.

Episode 065: With Great Power Comes Professional Responsibility

Jun. 14, 2019  Dr. Scott Fowler and Brian Fortenberry examine the personal topic of professionalism in the medical industry, and a doctor’s covenant with society. Dr. Fowler explains how the practice of medicine is not a business but a calling.

Episode 064: Making Mergers Manageable

Jun. 07, 2019  Shannon Hampson joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss the exciting and potentially intimidating topic of mergers. Hampson explains why a merger may or may not make sense for your practice, as well as how to prepare for an impending merger, should there be one.

Episode 063: Addiction, Abuse, and Misuse

May. 31, 2019  Dr. Rett Blake joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss the many angles of the opioid crisis. Dr. Blake explains abuse vs. misuse, the symptoms of addiction, the reason people are overdosing and how to prevent it.

Episode 062: When Small Concerns Become Big Problems

May. 17, 2019  What started as a routine visit for diabetic medication turned into a case of gangrene and a lawsuit. In this closed claim case, Brian Fortenberry, Katy Smith, and J. Baugh remind us that communication and documentation are two of the most important tools for both physicians and patients.

Episode 061: Healthcare in the Line of Duty - Part 2

May. 10, 2019  Dr. Missy Givens returns with host J. Baugh to continue her discussion on advancements in military medicine. Dr. Givens explores the latest innovative methods for prehospital care such as stabilizing, resuscitating, and treating pain in patients.

Episode 060: Healthcare in the Line of Duty - Part 1

May. 03, 2019  Dr. Missy Givens joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss how the military is innovating modern medicine and emergency response methods to reduce mortality rates in the field, and how these methods carry over to civilian care.

Episode 059: A Recipe for Disaster

Apr. 26, 2019  Katy Smith joins J. Baugh for another closed claim case. The two discuss a practice known in the industry as “cookbook medicine” and how this practice led to a patient’s death and a lawsuit.

Episode 058: It’s All About Attitude

Apr. 12, 2019  Dr. Rebekah Bernard rejoins the podcast to continue discussing her book The Rock Star Doctors Guide: Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Life. She discusses the three A’s of patient care, as well as some key points from the book on how to be a rockstar physician for your patients.

Episode 057: Mental Health for Health Experts

Apr. 05, 2019  Dr. Rebekah Bernard, who literally wrote the book on physician burnout, joins host Brian Fortenberry to discuss a few key points from her book, "The Rock Star Doctors Guide: Change Your Thinking, Improve Your Life".

Episode 056: The Permanence of Posting

Mar. 29, 2019  There is no doubt that social media can make or break businesses and individuals alike. Luckily, Dr. Katrina Hood is here to offer some pointers on things to be aware of and how to keep yourself out of trouble.

Episode 055: Best Practices for Your Practice

Mar. 22, 2019  Establishing a business is one thing. Creating a healthy work environment is completely different. On this episode, Chris McCarty returns to discuss the importance of understanding employment laws and best HR practices to keep a business in check.

Episode 054: Prepping Your Practice for Cybersecurity

Mar. 15, 2019  Chris McCarty joins host Brian Fortenberry to shed light on the cybersecurity risks that face your business in today’s digital age. Chris gives advice on navigating the waters of disgruntled ex-employees, hacked email accounts, and hiring techies.

Episode 053: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Weekend Retreats

Mar. 08, 2019  Esteemed MGMA members Sarah Ligon and Steve Dickens join host Brian Fortenberry to discuss setting goals for your practice. Sarah and Steve share some tips on how to prepare for goal-setting retreats and which questions to ask to ensure success.

Episode 052: The Dangers of Miscommunication

Mar. 01, 2019  Brian Fortenberry explores the closed claim case of a patient who, through miscommunication on various levels, died from a dosage error. Licensed CPA and attorney J. Baugh joins to discuss where the fault may lie and how to avoid issues like this in the future.

Episode 051: Keeping Calm in the Courtroom

Feb. 15, 2019  Dr. Jill Huntley-Taylor and Brian Fortenberry break down the process of preparing medical professionals for trial and eliminating surprises while going through the process. Huntley-Taylor discusses how to gather information, what jurors expect from the medical professional, and what kind of attitude to bring into the courtroom.

Episode 050: Prescribing Opioids During an Epidemic

Feb. 08, 2019  Dr. Greg Mancini joins Brian Fortenberry to discuss opioids and narcotics and what could have caused the crisis. Mancini discusses the complications and side effects of the drug, as well as alternatives the medical community could utilize to control the issue without compromising patient care.

Episode 049: Taking Your Practice Online

Feb. 01, 2019  Dr. Kevin Pho joins the podcast to discuss the pros and cons that social media has on the healthcare industry, clinician rating websites, and the importance of a physician’s online presence. Social media gives physicians the power to reach their patients directly, but more than this, it puts the power of knowledge at the patient’s fingertips.

Episode 048: Get Better with Vantage

Jan. 18, 2019  Host Brian Fortenberry and Judy Musgrove, Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications, discuss SVMIC’s brand new resource platform, Vantage. With Vantage, SVMIC brings their online service up to the same level of their personal service. This portal has everything that SVMIC offers online, for both policyholders and practice managers.

Episode 047: The Case of Good Medicine, Management, and Documentation

Jan. 11, 2019  In this closed claim case, a woman with a family history of breast cancer was closely monitored for 6 years. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the patient filed a lawsuit against her general surgeon. She alleged that her cancer should have been diagnosed at least eight months sooner. Learn how, in this case, it proves that even if all the right steps are taken, one is never immune to a lawsuit.

Episode 046: Avoiding the Crash and Burn

Jan. 04, 2019  Dr. Dike Drummond of The Happy MD speaks with Brian Fortenberry about physician burnout. Understanding burnout is not that simple, and Dr. Drummond helps doctors navigate circumstances that can lead to this state. He shares some practical tips on prevention and how to get out of the rut.

Episode 045: Reviewing RVUs

Dec. 14, 2018  Host Brian Fortenberry and guest Jackie Boswell discuss the ins and outs of Relative Value Units (RVUs), how they work, and how they're calculated. They discuss how important it is for physicians to be educated when it comes to RVUs, especially for compensation purposes. RVUs have a wider reach as well, being used to evaluate specialties, compare physicians, and assess practices across the nation.

Episode 044: A Hard Pill to Swallow

Dec. 07, 2018  Along with host Brian Fortenberry, Dr. Stephen Loyd discusses his intimate struggle with opioid addiction. For three years, Dr. Loyd was addicted to painkillers while working as a physician. In one hand, he had everything anyone would want in life. In the other, a handful of pills. He discusses how finding the Tennessee Medical Foundation helped get him out of addiction.

Episode 043: Power to the Physicians

Nov. 23, 2018  With host Brian Fortenberry, SVMIC Vice President of Corporate and Legal Sherie Edwards, and Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Tennessee Medical Association Yarnell Beaty, discuss medical legislation. When physicians get involved on Capitol Hill, it can really make a difference and turn the tide in legislation. They talk about how important it is to contribute to campaigns, get involved at the grassroots level, and establish relationships with elected officials so that physicians have a voice in what laws are being passed.

Episode 042: The Case of Late Expectations

Nov. 16, 2018  When pregnant Megan was admitted to the hospital with pain at 32 weeks, the staff failed to recognize fetal distress. This resulted in a C-section performed three hours too late and the infant suffering from severe neurological damage. Brian Fortenberry and attorney Alisa Wamble discuss this closed claim case and how tunnel vision created this sad situation.

Episode 041: Controlling Controlled Substances

Nov. 09, 2018  Brian Fortenberry and Dr. Walter Fitzgerald discuss opioids, prescriptions, and all issues that come with it. Dr. Fitzgerald brings his experience as both an attorney and a pharmacist to the discussion, covering everything from new laws regarding prescriptions to safely disposing of extra pills.

Episode 040: Closing the Gap

Nov. 02, 2018  Michael Burcham, CEO of Narus Health, talks with Brian Fortenberry about care management. Michael discusses finding the gaps between payer, physician, patient, and hospital, improving those gaps, and giving stakeholders a better experience. He also discusses changing the experience that people have, so that instead of healthcare happening to them, it works for them.

Episode 039: From Witness to Defendant

Oct. 26, 2018  Dan Himmelberg, SVMIC Assistant Vice President of Claims, and Brian Fortenberry discuss a closed claim in which a patient suffered an aneurysm after having an appendectomy. The patient's surgeon, who had been an expert witness in other cases, was taken to court himself, where he defended his care of the patient during over 8 years of legal proceedings.

Episode 038: Doing It Right and Getting It Wrong

Oct. 19, 2018  In this closed claim review, a hike up a steep ravine sent William to the hospital with a “weird feeling” in his back. After his symptoms subsided and he was discharged, he passed away of an aortic dissection. Host Brian Fortenberry and SVMIC attorney Judy Reneau discuss the doctor’s defense and how William's symptoms did not lead to the underlying problem.

Episode 037: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Oct. 12, 2018  Surgeon Dr. Bruce Ramshaw and Brian Fortenberry discuss problems in healthcare and how new models for healthcare based on systems and data science could be applied. Dr. Ramshaw’s goal is to learn the real structural reasons that the global healthcare system is failing and what can be done to fix it.

Episode 036: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Oct. 05, 2018  Brian Fortenberry and attorney Wendy Longmire dig into the legal services that SVMIC provides. They discuss depositions, how to properly prepare physicians for testimony, and how mutually beneficial it is for a defendant to really become engaged in their own defense.

Episode 035: Fear Factor

Sep. 28, 2018  Host Brian Fortenberry and attorney Jamie Wyatt discuss a closed claim case in which everyone in an operating room, except for the surgeon, was sued due to the complications experienced by the patient post-surgery. They explore this "no talking policy" implemented by the surgeon, and how it created a hostile work environment and a very adverse outcome.

Episode 034: The Impact of Preconceived Notions

Sep. 21, 2018  Attorney Tim Behan and Brian Fortenberry discuss how the depersonalization and dissociation from a well-known patient can help provide more effective treatment. In this closed claim review, a 40-year-old woman with drug-seeking behavior is left with neurological damage due to assumptions made about her condition.

Episode 033: Pain Points

Sep. 14, 2018  Brian Fortenberry talks to Dr. Stephanie Vanterpool, Director of Comprehensive Pain Services at University of Tennessee Medical Center and Medical Director of the University Center for Pain Management. They discuss targeted pain treatment options and how pain is a symptom of an underlying condition.

Episode 032: The Malpractice Essentials

Sep. 07, 2018  Jim Smith, with 36 years of experience in the medical professional liability insurance business, helps us understand medical insurance and what it means to be a part of a mutual insurance company. Join host Brian Fortenberry as they break down MPL and all that goes with it.

Episode 031: The Case of the Black Box Warning

Aug. 31, 2018  In this closed claim case, attorney Stephanie Deupree and host Brian Fortenberry examine a very tragic outcome that began with a man's fall from a six-foot ladder while trying to complete a home improvement project. A medication unfamiliar to the physicians prescribed for pain relief resulted in the man's death.

Episode 030: The Importance of Belonging

Aug. 24, 2018  Dr. John Lytle, former President of the Arkansas Orthopaedic Society, discusses the importance of a physician's involvement in associations, membership groups, and committees. He talks to host Brian Fortenberry about being a part of the local community as well as taking care of other people in your profession.

Episode 029: The Hypertension is Rising

Aug. 17, 2018  Join host Brian Fortenberry and Dr. Elise Schriver as they talk about pulmonary hypertension, its five clinical classes, and how it is being reported more and more on echocardiograms and CT scans. Dr. Schriver is the Associate Clinical Professor at the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and the Director of the UT Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic in Knoxville.

Episode 028: Don’t Leave the Rest Unwritten

Aug. 10, 2018  In this closed claim review, Ken Rucker, Vice President of Claims for SVMIC, and host Brian Fortenberry discuss how easy it is to let the daily workload negatively impact the quality of medical documentation. Details forgotten can be hard to defend, especially when Dr. Andrew’s early discharge led to a patient's death one week later.

Episode 027: No One is Too Good

Aug. 03, 2018  A lifelong medical practice executive, Tom Stearns shares the wisdom he’s learned over the years as a manager and leader. With host Brian Fortenberry, they explore the role of a manager in a medical practice and how they should be standing behind their employees in a role of support, instead of cracking the whip.

Episode 026: Care Off the Record

Jul. 27, 2018  Brian Fortenberry details and discusses a closed claim case with Claims Attorney, Zynthia Howse. Together, they review the fallout from a female infant’s routine “Well Baby” visit after the care providers failed to administer a vaccination and did not accurately document it in the medical charts.

Episode 025: Navigating Care to Comfort

Jul. 20, 2018  When treating someone at the end of their life, a doctor has more to consider than curing or healing a patient. General Internist, Dr. Daniel Ely, chats with Brian Fortenberry about what goes into palliative care, advanced care planning, and comfort at the end of life.

Episode 024: Study Up to Sign Off

Jul. 13, 2018  In this week’s episode, SVMIC employee Jackie Boswell details and defines what makes a good managed care contract. Ms. Boswell also offers physicians advice on how to negotiate a more beneficial contract and what process to take to ensure a better partnership within a practice.

Episode 023: Treatment Pains

Jul. 06, 2018  Host Brian Fortenberry chats with Pain Medicine Physician, Dr. Rhett Blake about the newer guidelines that relate to doctors providing pain treatment. Together, they cover the nationwide Opioid epidemic, where it’s rampant, and what’s been done at the national and local level.

Episode 022: Talk it Out

Jun. 29, 2018  Host Brian Fortenberry and experienced claims attorney and risk reduction expert, Shelly Weatherly, talk about how to stay out of legal hot water amidst the stress and responsibility of patient care combined with the possibility of a lawsuit. Hear how clear communication and investing in the doctor-patient relationship can make all the difference.

Episode 021: The Case of Cascading Conditions

Jun. 22, 2018  This week, we review a closed case against a doctor who failed to give a timely diagnosis and treat Mary’s retroperitoneal hemorrhage following a cardiac catheterization. This led to a series of unfortunate medical complications. Senior Claims Attorney Tim Rector talks about this complicated case with Brian Fortenberry.

Episode 020: Ready, Set, Start-Up

Jun. 15, 2018  Brian Fortenberry talks to Sheri Smith to learn more about setting up a private practice like a business. They discuss how SVMIC can offer recommendations on vendors and professionals, as well as providing a practice startup toolkit that includes checklists and medical records retention details for each state.

Episode 019: Pushing the Limits

Jun. 08, 2018  Charmy Shrode, VP of Underwriting, continues to talk with Brian Fortenberry about policies for medical liability coverage. They discuss how far a policy can extend (from you as an individual to your solely-owned practice) and how some plaintiff attorneys prefer to sue an entire entity rather than an individual.

Episode 018: Read the Coverage

Jun. 01, 2018  Join Brian Fortenberry as he talks to VP of Underwriting, Charmy Shrode, about the intricacies of policy documents, information, and coverage. A policy is a contract between the insured and the insurer—don’t be guilty of putting it away in a drawer without reading it first.

Episode 017: The Technology Angle of Attack

May. 25, 2018  As technology becomes even more integrated with healthcare and care management, security becomes a larger threat to medical professionals. In this episode, Kari Stern from NAS talks with host Brian Fortenberry about claims, coverage, and data management practices within Cyber Security.

Episode 016: The Case of Nothing Noted

May. 18, 2018  SVMIC Claims Attorney, J. Baugh discusses Eliza James’ malpractice case with Brian Fortenberry. Baugh thoroughly reviews the complete lack of continuity of care, including the multiple mistakes made by her providers, errors with her medical charts and labs, and overall poor communication with the staff which ultimately led to her death.

Episode 015: Taking Great Pains

May. 11, 2018  In this week’s episode of "Your Practice Made Perfect," Brian hosts Julie Loomis of SVMIC for a discussion on the opioid epidemic. Loomis, an expert in risk management, details the state-by-state legal and medical implications of opioid misuse and abuse.

Episode 014: Get Down to Business

May. 04, 2018  When practicing medicine, a doctor can be employed by a hospital system or large group, or they can run their own private practice. In this week's episode, Board-certified orthopedic physician, John Lytle chats with Brian about the particulars that come with running a private practice vs. being in a large hospital group.

Episode 013: The Case of Reduction Results

Apr. 27, 2018  This week, we review a closed claim case involving 18-year-old Samantha Smith who suffered complications from a breast reduction surgery. SVMIC Vice President of Claims, Ken Rucker, walks us through the ins-and-outs of Samantha's multiple procedures and the resulting deformities from infection.

Episode 012: Mind Your Business

Apr. 20, 2018  Steve Dickens is SVMIC's Medical Practice Services expert who consults doctors on the business side of practices. In this episode, he discusses recommendations on contract negotiations, interactions with colleagues, and thinking through exit strategies as it relates to employment agreements.

Episode 011: No Pain Is The Game

Apr. 13, 2018  In this week’s episode, we look at developments with pain management and pain medication with a specialist and medical expert. Dr. Blake discusses the Opioid epidemic as a national crisis, better and more appropriate treatments, and how physicians should approach patients struggling with pain.

Episode 010: The Case of Time Ticking Away

Apr. 06, 2018  Host Brian Fortenberry chats with SVMIC attorney Katy Smith about the closed claim where a toddler receives treatment due to a tick bite. Together, they review the communication issues between physicians, the lack of continuity in care, and the misdiagnosis that led to the patient dying from a related infection.

Episode 009: The Case of Running Back Rundown

Mar. 30, 2018  In this week’s episode, host Brian Fortenberry interviews former nurse and current malpractice attorney, Stephanie Deupree about a closed claim case. Ms. Deupree details the medical treatment and experience of a 16 year old football player who had their leg amputated after a severe injury on the field.

Episode 008: Blame Boomerangs Back

Mar. 23, 2018  Brian Fortenberry chats with SVMIC Attorney Jim Howell about another Closed Claim Case. They discuss the liabilities and the details of a bowel perforation that was initially missed in the doctor-ordered CT scans and led to the patient’s death.

Episode 007: HIPAA Know-How – Part 2

Mar. 16, 2018  In Part 2 of our 2 part series, we continue our chat with HIPAA expert, Loretta Duncan. Brian asks about the ins-and-outs of HIPAA’s requirements for security with electronic information.

Episode 006: HIPAA Know-How – Part 1

Mar. 09, 2018  In this week’s episode we take a deep dive into the world of HIPAA compliance with Loretta Duncan of SVMIC. In Part 1 of our 2 part series, we cover rules, requirements, and restrictions as it relates to protecting privacy with health information.

Episode 005: Things to Consider Before You Commit: Joining a Group Practice

Mar. 02, 2018  When joining a group practice, there is more to consider than salary and location. In this episode, Dr. Matt Perkins and host, Brian Fortenberry chat about what to think through before you partner up.

Episode 004: Confessions of a Recovering Addict

Feb. 01, 2018  In this powerful episode, Dr. Bob shares his personal story with Brian. Dr. Bob has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions since his early youth all the way through medical school and well into his practice.

Episode 003: The Ins and Outs of Malpractice Policies

Feb. 01, 2018  Brian Fortenberry interviews Charmy Shrode, VP of Underwriting at SVMIC. Ms. Shrode explains the key differences between traditional insurance policies and malpractice insurance, the legal differences from state-to-state, and why medical professionals should prepare for the worse.

Episode 002: The Balancing Act of Work and Life

Feb. 01, 2018  In this episode, Brian Fortenberry chats with Dr. Bob Berkompas. As a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Berkompas shares how he balances a hectic work life with three children, medical committees, professional associations, and being active in his church, all while still keeping his promise to his family.

Episode 001: The Case of the Cancelled Appointment

Feb. 01, 2018  Brian Fortenberry details the Henry Jackson case and discusses with Claims Attorney, J. Baugh. Together, they review Mr. Jackson’s sinus issues and the mishandling of his care through a faulty appointment tracking system with his ENT.